Has opening and operating a medical practice or imaging center been everything you thought it would be?

Many medical practices and centers were founded on the "build it and they will come" mentality. We at Epic know that because of the significant changes occurring in the medical arena, easy profitability is a thing of the past. Our years of experience have taught us that an in-depth understanding of the individual market conditions is crucial to success. Without proper planning, marketing and relationship building, many medical centers are not achieving their full potential.

Epic Management has compiled a comprehensive knowledge base from a multitude of medical centers in various markets at different stages of development. This knowledge gives Epic the ability to provide proven and tested solutions in a variety of areas specific to opening, marketing and operating medical centers. Our methodology is fresh and unique. Our focus is simple; we focus on metrics that result in the following equation:

(increase patients + increase collections) decrease cost = a profitable medical center

Epic Management has developed proven services and formulas to offer our clients. Our goal and vision is to help each client reach their full potential in this changing world of the healthcare business.