Outsourcing your center management functions to Epic Management relieves the owners from the day-to-day headaches of running the center. Epic has been in the management business of medical centers for over a decade. This gives us the experience needed to implement the best procedures for an efficiently run center. Why reinvent the wheel? Whether you need a turn-key set up or you simply require a little "tweaking" for maximum performance, Epic Management has all he skill sets for the job.

There is no project too large or too small. The Medical Center Health Report is a required element of this component as it is hands-down, the best way to reveal the areas your center requires the most assistance with. The monthly rate for this will be based on the solution that's right for you.

Center Management Components
ˇ Medical Center Health Report
ˇ Supervision of marketing & sales activities
ˇ Revenue Cycle Management
ˇ Supervision and maintenance of all procedures and office structure
ˇ Daily Site Management
ˇ Full staff and management hires & training
ˇ Interaction and oversight of radiologist(s) and radiology reports
ˇ Monthly office operations report

The purpose of this service is to provide your center with a strong and organized operation in all aspects of your medical center. This ensures that, in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable management team, your center will make the profit and return you expected on your investment. With our experience and specialized services, Epic can competently manager your medical center operation. Call Epic today at 1-866-912-EPIC or email info@epicmg.com for a quote.