If you build it, will they come? Maybe. But usually the path to success is much more overcrowded and harder to navigate then we anticipate. Inadequate planning and marketing has prevented many medical centers from reaching their full potential. Investing in a solid marketing strategy, your main source of revenue, is imperative to your financial success.

The purpose of this service is to thoroughly asses the market you are in, uncover your competition, understand the insurance company expectations, and develop and strengthen your referral relationships.

The right people will make or break a business and that is why Epic Management also includes assisting you in developing a marketing process, hiring marketing personnel, training and offering tools in support of the process.

Centers are at different levels of development in this category and that is why we require the Medical Center Health Report to be performed first. We do this because we believe that ultimately it is our goal to make you more money. As no shoe fits everyone, no solution does either. We will not charge you for solutions you don’t need. Call Epic today at 1-866-912-EPIC or email info@epicmg.com for a quote.