There are a multitude of medical billing companies to choose from but Epic Management does one kind of billing only - medical centers. We have had specialized experience in billing for medical centers, giving us a long history of billing in the industry.

We don’t just provide medical billing for our clients; we provide comprehensive revenue cycle management. By using Epic Management, your center will have access to our state of the art scheduling, billing and reporting software via a secure, HIPAA compliant, VPN connection – real time, all the time. This means that you no longer have to worry about purchasing or upgrading software. Plus you have access to a multitude of reports that gives you the information that is crucial to making successful decisions!

The following are included in our revenue cycle management service:

1. Remote Software Access: Using a secure, HIPAA compliant VPN connection your front end staff will enter all scheduling and billing information. This takes away the administrative burden and cost of updating software, computer training and exchanging the information through traditional means to an outside source (Fedex, faxing, etc). Having a central, remote database will give you access to information wherever you are.

2. Staff Training: Epic will train your staff on our software system to ensure clean and proper data entry procedures.

3. Coding: Epic reviews all the procedures performed at the medical center to ensure proper coding. This is especially important with Upright centers because of the ability to perform additional sequences, such as flexion, extension and standing.

4. Medical Claims Processing: Using our scheduling & billing software, we will process and track your medical claims. Once the receptionist enters the information into the system, we scrub each claim prior to submitting them electronically (or paper if necessary) to insurance companies.

5. Payment Posting: All payments will get posted into our system to ensure accuracy in follow up and collection efforts.

6. Follow Up & Correspondence: We provide accurate and persistent follow through for all medical claims. We do not simply submit claims on your behalf; we actively pursue reimbursement for the procedures you performed. We take the headache out of handling insurance follow up phone calls & faxes, patient statement submissions, and information requests.

7. AR Reports: We will provide you with monthly reports detailing activity on your account. This service will provide you with the information you need to remain actively connected and in control of you AR. Custom reporting is also available.