The health care environment is dynamic. Staying appraised of current and competitive market models, new edicts from national, state and local agencies, understanding existing business start-up requirements and the timelines they entail is crucial to the start up. It is also one of the biggest hassles. At Epic, we believe that some centers fail because they did not take the necessary time and steps to establish a firm foundation prior to opening. We know all the ins and outs. We can help work with investors, building contractors, landlords and potential referring sources prior to the development of the center to ensure success after the center is opened.

The purpose of this service is to develop a solid foundation from which a successful medical business can be built. We retrieve any data for initial government and business filings, laws, and regulations. Many organizations and governmental agencies require medical facilities to adhere to certain criteria and specific guidelines. This information is crucial to the successful site opening and avoiding unexpected visits and fines. Consultations with local attorneys/ accountants may be deemed necessary, with the applicable fees to be passed through to the client.