This component involves delving into every aspect of your operation in order to uncover any issues that may be holding you back from reaching your full profit potential. This is extensive and comprehensive. We at Epic believe that you cannot solve a problem if you don’t know, for certain, what it is.

Other practice management groups may try to sell you a “cure all” solution. We know that can be a tremendous waste of your time and your money. Based on the data found, we will present you with custom solutions. This is accomplished with a 7 point review. Categories of review include but are not limited to:

· Strength of your referral relationships
· Marketing strategy and supporting materials
· Insurance contracts and what is expected by companies in your market
· Center service and reputation
· Billing and collection procedures
· Review of the physician(s) and supporting medical staff(s) reputation, communication abilities and report with patients and referring offices.
· Added value studies being performed (Flexion, Extension, etc)

At the end of the analysis you will be issued a client report, a report card if you will, with grades. At the end of each segment, Epic provides you with an evaluation and suggested solutions.

The entire process takes approximately 3 days of onsite visitation and evaluation, and another 2 days to interpret and put the information gathered into a comprehensive report. After you have secured our services we will sign a strict and binding confidentiality agreement to assure you that your report findings will not be shared.

This report is not for the squeamish. We go over every aspect of your center, evaluating the data, good, bad and/or ugly to discover the keys or any hindrances to your success. We then collaborate with you to find the best pain-relieving solutions. It’s that easy. Please call us for a quote at 866-912-EPIC (3742).